The most beautiful wraps suitable for round face


Most of us are constantly looking for ways to rejuvenate wraps that will be appropriate depending on face shape. Today we decided to help you to choose wraps for a round face, and although many forms of hijab can fit with it, there are some who find it difficult to choose the appropriate wraps.

Owners of a round face have two large cheeks from which the width of the face can be measured.

The simple traditional subtraction is good for the circular face

If you want to choose simple wraps suitable for your daily look, there is no better experience. Wearing the hijab in a traditional way, while avoiding wearing a bandana or a hair cover below the headscarf is an ideal and suitable way for round faces to have more definition and to show more beautiful roundness.

You can also choose the square hijab to wear it in a traditional way that can suit your afternoon look as well

Loose hijab roll is one of the great shapes that you can resort to get a distinctive modern look always. To apply it, you need to wear the hijab irregularly in the manner of fashion bloggers, with attention to adopting the underneath the bandana or the head covering and not showing it too much so as not to reduce and expose the size of the face. And take good care of choosing the hijab fabric that can fit with a loose wrap such as linen, cotton or chiffon and stay away from satin.

Are you looking for modern wraps to match your casual wear?

I advise you to wear the Turban in its various forms, whether it is characterized by a knot in front or a simple wrap around the head or try the form that is dropped from one side. All of them will be suitable for round faces in a simple and easy way.

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