The most beautiful hijab evening dresses 2020 

Whenever an important event approaches, or a friend is happy, you think about what you can wear to the party. Choosing from the fashionable dresses 2020, I believe, is something that needs a lot of preparation in order to ensure that we choose the model that keeps pace with international fashion trends.

Therefore, at the beginning, you must know the rules that enable you to choose the perfect soiree dress that matches your taste and looks and impress everyone around you.

Take special care to choose a model of the hijab dress that fits your body shape, in order to ensure that you get a perfect look without any error in coordination. By getting to know the story of the evening dress that you have to choose for a distinctive look that draws attention to you.

– If you are like me, owner of a pear figure, choose the dress with the A Line story or the dress that defines the textures of the mermaid story, because it will highlight the curves of the body in a distinctive and attractive way. Choose dresses with a fluffy upper part of the waist that do not show the full belly area and avoid choosing dresses specific to the body.

– If you are a girl with the shape of the inverted triangle, then I advise you choosing the fashion of cape or caftan dresses, as it will hide any fullness of the arm and shoulders. You can also resort to wearing fluffy dresses.

– If you are a rectangular figure, it is preferable to choose dresses that smoothly drop the texture without defining it or fluffy models for a more attractive appearance. It will fit your body.

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So the Layer dress attracted my attention, with its attractive shape, which was the choice of many fashion bloggers. The Wrap dress also featured its elegant design. And also the dresses in high-fashion capes and kaftans that always give women a luxurious look. In addition to the appearance of dresses with fluffy sleeves, which became the most popular trend in 2020, be careful when choosing the color of evening dress.

Care must be taken when choosing the shade of soiree dresses to match your skin tone. If you are a white skinned person, you can choose any color that is light or dark, and avoid colors that can make the skin pale. If you have brown skin, choose bright shades such as blue, green or dark pink, and you can also choose earthy colors such as beige and brown. Silver, gold and black tones are best suited to different skin tones.

How can hijab be coordinated with the soiree dress?

If you want to coordinate a hijab  with a dress in the correct way, then here are the two best methods. Either you choose a different color from the dress, such as coordinating the black dress with veil in Nabi or silver. The second way is to coordinate the degree of veil with the color of the dress, such as choosing a coordinated silver dress with a gray veil. The nude shades are the secret behind the successful looks of many veiled fashion bloggers.

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