Lingerie for your honeymoon: 10 ideas what to wear


Every bride dreams of an exciting and perfect look on their honeymoon, so what is better than wearing soft lingerie to achieve this ?!

In order to have a wonderful and exciting look during the days of the honeymoon trip, you need to break out of the ordinary and try new styles in the world of lingerie, so we decided to collect for you 10 pieces that we recommend you choosing for an exciting look, where you can choose pieces made of transparent lace and thin bras and transparent high-waisted pants in addition. You can try the lingerie that consists of one piece and looks like a bathing suit, which is called “Bodysuit”, or the Romper model that will give you a very exciting look. For bedtime, you can wear one of the soft nightgowns with satin fabrics decorated with lace details, as they beautifully define the body and give you a perfect honeymoon look.

You can try waist-bound nightgowns which look more attractive and exciting. If you are looking for some lingerie ideas to choose on your honeymoon trip, here are pictures of wonderful lingerie pieces that will be perfect. Scroll down and see the pictures.

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Melinda Carroll

My name is Melinda. Despite the fact that I am a working stylist, initially I am a professional photographer and graphic designer, respectively, I have knowledge about the nature of color and composition, about how colors and patterns combine with each other, how forms and proportions work in an image. Plus, I've always been interested in fashion. I also enjoy inventing various techniques to optimize my own wardrobe and its versatility. Over the years, a lot of information has accumulated that could help many in creating their effective wardrobe, taking into account color combinations, especially combinations with your natural colors. At some point I wanted to share this information. This is how this blog was created.

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