How to wear sweatpants with hijab?

Sweatpants, or so-called Sweatpants, are among those most important and essential parts, as you get a basic casual look that you can match with your hijab. And since most of us suffer from laziness these days, we are keen to pick simple and comfy items whether you are going to school or office, so Sweatpants are a better option for you to have an attractive, modern look.

While wearing a neutral color t-shirt is the best choice for a daily image with sweatpants, I’ve found more than one clear idea that can provide you with the contemporary appearance you are seeking. If the pants are gray or white, you can pick a modern, simple or casual shirt and wear it open for a practical look that fits you in the morning. But if you’re searching for an unconventional idea, what do you think of trying a short top over it? This is one of the most popular pieces in 2020-2021 fashion.

The formal look in sweatpants

Of course, you’re wondering if you can look formal in sweatpants now? In fact, it can be done in more than one great way. Whether it’s adopting sweatpants with blazers and coordinating with classic high-heeled shoes or with athletic shoes. You can also try wearing sweatpants with formal blouses so that they match your veil look.

The truth is, you can get a modestly modern look by trying on a long cardigan that makes you look attractive, which goes with your hijab. But if you prefer to add a modern piece, you can try taking a denim jacket that fits well, or try sporting a jacket in a bright color if the pants are a neutral color.

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Do you elegantly wear wide-leg pants with a veil

You can try looking for a sweatshirt or t-shirt in the same color or shade closest to it to get a casual look that fits you in the morning. This is the look for you if you feel lazy about wearing traditional clothes. You can pair it with a sneaker and a hat.


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