How to wear lavender and yellow together

Lavender and yellow are very popular in Summer 2020, which can give you an attractive look when you choose it. But if you want to have a really unconventional look, I recommend that you coordinate yellow and lavender together at different times in their various shades. I know that there are some girls who may be hesitant to try it because it can make her look a bit unfamiliar, but when you see the pictures, you will definitely change your mind.

So today we decided to present a set of various ideas and ways to coordinate yellow and lavender together.

Mustard yellow

The mustard yellow color is very popular in summer fashion 2020, so if you have any pants or skirt in this color in your closet, you can coordinate it with a shirt or blouse in lavender color. Or adopting a jumpsuit in shades of mauve and coordinating it with a light yellow jacket for veiled women: your guide to coordinating bold colors together.

Bright yellow

Bright tones are always the choice for most girls in the summer because they give you a bright and lively look. For this, you can coordinate the color of lavender with bright yellow for practical clothes by wearing trousers or a skirt with a simple shirt, or choosing a short dress coordinated with a cardigan.

Pastel yellow

Love to coordinate pastel shades together? So you should follow this trend this year by coordinating pastel yellow with lavender in soft shades, which is a way to give you a charming look. You can try it with the satin skirt that was popular last year with a yellow blouse. Or try choosing a coordinated suit with a yellow cardigan.

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Yellow accessories

Who among us does not like to wear colorful accessories such as bags or shoes, especially in the spring and summer? For sure, most of us because it gives us a more vibrant look. If you are wearing a lavender dress, you can coordinate it with yellow shoes or reality for a soft and modern look. And to break the boredom when wearing a formal suit in lavender, coordinate it with soft shoes in pastel yellow or bright according to your taste.

Melinda Carroll

My name is Melinda. Despite the fact that I am a working stylist, initially I am a professional photographer and graphic designer, respectively, I have knowledge about the nature of color and composition, about how colors and patterns combine with each other, how forms and proportions work in an image. Plus, I've always been interested in fashion. I also enjoy inventing various techniques to optimize my own wardrobe and its versatility. Over the years, a lot of information has accumulated that could help many in creating their effective wardrobe, taking into account color combinations, especially combinations with your natural colors. At some point I wanted to share this information. This is how this blog was created.

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