How to wear Bandana with different hairstyles

In fact, I love bandana hair and I enjoy wearing it in a variety of ways with different hairstyles, so I will do my best today to tell you a variety of ideas for wearing Bandana with various hairstyles, for a funky and attractive look.

Bandana with ponytail

Want to make your ponytail look unusual? Then wear the bandana with it. All you need is to choose the right shape with your favorite patterns and tie it tightly to the ponytail, whether it is high, low or even curly.

Bandana with braids

I was bored with my long hair, so I was always looking for innovative ways and ideas to change its appearance, and the solution was undoubtedly in the Bandana. You can simply create the braids you love and knit them from the bottom with the bandana, whether you are leaving the rest of the hair down or collecting it. You can also put it in the middle of braids, so that it becomes part of the hair, like the first image on the right .

Bandana with a hair bun

Summer is just around the corner, which means bun hairstyles will take over most of us. So what do you think about giving it a touch of rejuvenation? Well, after you finish the cake, you can tie the bandana around it like on photo on the top on the left. And you can place the bun inside the bandana by concealing it like the one on the right.

Bandana with half of the hair raised

If you love half up hair, today you can apply it differently. Just insert the bandana into this hairstyle, whether by tying it in a shape or by bending the upper half of the hair and tying it around it

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