How to wear and style circular earrings

Coordinating accessories in general is not easy, even if it is earrings. Since we are in the Friday Style series, we are always keen to share with you many different ideas for coordinating various pieces of clothing and accessories, we decided that this week there will be our discussion of circular earrings. Read on and get to know the following ideas.

Choosing the right hairstyle with round earrings is an absolute must. If they are a small size, try combining your hair into a simple hairdo such as a ponytail or a bun to make the earrings visible. Or leave it down with part of it behind the ear. But if the circular earrings are a little big, you can leave your hair down so that it conceals a little of the huge volume, especially if you have a small face.

How to wear circular earrings with a hijab?

One of the questions most frequently asked by hijab girls is how to coordinate the hijab with circular earrings. In fact, the answer to this question is very simple. All you has to do is choose a wrap that comes back or that is loose. Or choose a turban so that you have a chance to wear circular earrings. Be careful: Do not overdo the size of the earrings, if your face is small.

Round earrings with high neck clothes in winter

High-necked clothes are a staple in winter fashion, and that is why most of us find it difficult to wear accessories, especially earrings, with them. But simply you can just choose large circular earrings to make them appear clearly, especially since the clothes with high neck completely conceal the neck.

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Circular earrings for an unconventional look

If you want an unconventional look, it is not necessary for you to choose earrings in their usual shape (gold or silver ring). But you can choose the ones that come encrusted with pearls, attached to another accessory piece, or double.

There are some shapes of circular earrings that come with animal skin patterns, which are preferable to wear with simple plain clothes so that you do not make your appearance an exaggeration.

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