Friday Style: Hijab wraps according to face shape

There are many wraps of the hijab that are top fashion of every year, but the loose hijab wraps has lasted for more than a year, becoming the choice of most fashion bloggers. But there are some girls who find it difficult to wear and coordinate with clothes.

Do not worry, it is suitable for you whatever the shape of your face is, and it fits with the types of cover that you have in your closet and you can coordinate it with most of your clothes, whether practical or classic, because we in the Friday style articles series help you in coordinating clothes and give you ideas for wearing.


So today we decided to present a set of ideas and ways to wear the loose-fitting hijab in a manner that suits you.

Rectangle and Oval Face

If you have a rectangular or oval face, then a loose-fitting wrap will definitely suit you in more than one shape, whether you want to wear a head covering under it or not. But if you have a wide forehead, you can hide it by wearing a cotton headscarf with a hijab of the right material for you, whether thick or light.

Square face

If you have a square face, you should wear the loose hijab in the traditional form of chiffon fabrics, but make a tapered part in the middle of the forehead, like the Turkish method. You can also wear it in a flowing way to give your face some curves.

Round face

If you have a round face, you should pay close attention to choosing a loose-fitting hijab, make  cotton head covering under the hijab visible to show your full face. You can also give up wearing the head covering and try to define the shape of your face with the hijab in a simple way.

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The upside-down triangle or heart-shaped face

Girls with an upside-down triangle face or heart wear a cotton head covering under the hijab to hide the wide forehead, choose light fabrics for the subtraction, do not highlight the size of the face more, so it is preferable to resort to chiffon to wear the veil traditionally.

Materials to choose

Wearing the wrap of the loose hijab is not limited to a specific material, but you can adopt this method if you own a hijab made of crepe, linen, chiffon or satin fabrics. The material of the hijab is chosen based on your favorite fabrics and also if you have a rectangular or oval face and want to give your face more room in width.

Loose Hijab Rolls 2020

Of course you are now thinking about how to wear loose hijab wraps, but there is more than one way that veiled fashion bloggers prefer. Whether a hijab in crepe or linen fabrics or a light veil such as the chiffon.

Certainly you know that you use wraps in practical looks, but it is really suitable with most clothes such as evening or formal looks. There is more than one method that can help you to get an elegant look at various times and occasions, especially evening dresses for an elegant appearance.

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