How to coordinating bold colors together

Coordinating bold colors together seems difficult for veiled girls, unlike others. Given the presence of more than one piece in one look, a desire to have a decent look, it becomes a bit confusing when coordinating bold colors together and distributing in a good way.

Therefore, today we decided to help you to coordinate bold colors together in an easy and simple way .

Choose plain clothes

You can combine simplicity and bold colors together in one look. All you have to do is choose clothes that are bright but at the same time are plain. This means that it is not printed or embossed. It will definitely keep your look simple.

For a calm look

Customize  bolder color for the smaller piece. If you do not want your outfit with the hijab to be too eye-catching, we recommend that you choose a simple piece with a bold or bright color. Like a cropped jacket, scarf, simple top, or veil.

Less bold colors mean more elegance

Always have this rule before your eyes. There is no need to over-wear many pieces with bold or bright colors, but one or two can be sufficient.

Choose basic fabrics, the shades of colors always vary according to the material of the fabric, for example the degree of bright blue in cotton is not the same as in satin. It is preferred when wearing more than one piece of clothing in bold colors, to be of regular fabrics with a simple texture, such as cotton, chiffon.

Don’t neglect the accessories, in fact, you can mix bold colored clothes and accessories. For example, wear an orange top with green earrings. Or a blue blouse with a fuchsia or pink bag. It just depends on your choice of colors that match each other.

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What are the most famous bold dual colors?

If you are confused when coordinating bold colors together, try following distinctive pairs

  • Blue with Red

  • Yellow and Purple

  • Pink with orange

Yes, it may seem a little strange, but often wearing pink with orange is very elegant.


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