10 shoes every girl should have

There are many shoe model, but there are essential items that must be in any girl’s wardrobe, because you will always need them. So when shopping for shoes online, you should take into account the models you have at the moment and whether you need to buy them or not. That is why I decided to help you to get acquainted with the most models of shoes that should be in every girl’s wardrobe

Classic high heel shoes

The classic high heel shoe is a must-have for any girl. You will always need to wear it when you attend an important event. You can try choosing a simple, classic or open-back model with a tapered front to ensure an elegant look. I advise you to pay attention to choosing it either in black or nude, in order to match most of your clothes.


Slipper is one of the most prominent shoe trends 2020 and also one of the essential pieces that a girl can always need, especially during the summer. Flat slippers are great and go well with most of the casual clothes in your wardrobe, as well as abayas and kaftans greatly. This is why you can wear it in morning looks to ensure a modern look in a simple way.

Sports shoes

Sneakers are always on the top of the trendy list every year. That is why your wardrobe must have at least two types of them, such as the simple white or the multi-colored shape that can fit with most of your everyday clothes without facing any difficulty in matching clothes.

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Loafers Shoe

Many girls tend to choose simple or masculine styles of shoes, so loafers must be present in your wardrobe. It will fit most of your formal clothes at work, and even if you are still in college, you can choose it with simple casual clothes because it will go well with it.


One of the important things about choosing shoes is that you have sandals with thin straps to match your afternoon and evening look. It is an indispensable staple, especially in spring and summer. But take care to choose the color that matches your clothes, as I have the nude color to match.

Long boot

Long boot is one of the essential pieces that should be in your wardrobe in winter, its color is chosen according to the shades in your wardrobe. But the minimalist knee-length model is one of the most frequently found footwear trends every year.

Animal skin patterns

Animal skin patterns are very popular in 2020 shoes fashion. You can choose between python, leopard or zebra according to your preferences. And a shoe model is chosen based on the design that fits your taste. For example, sandals or classic heels or flat shoes

Ankle boots

Short ankle boots are an important model that you can always have in your wardrobe, as it is very fashinable. You can coordinate it with dresses and trousers of various shapes and designs. You should have a variety of ankle boot in a variety of colors to allow you to coordinate and wear it with different pieces.

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Combat boot

Are you looking for shoes that are simple and at the same time give you a modern look? Then there’s nothing better than trying Combat boot model, which features multiple straps and is always popular in black. That is why you can choose it with most of your clothes and also it gives you an attractive look in a very easy way.

Flat shape

From time to time you will need to update the shoe models in your wardrobe. This is why it should have a flat shape that gives you freedom of movement, especially if you are not a fan of wearing high heels all the time. That’s why take care to have a pair of flat shoes that will go well with your morning casual look.

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